Questions and Answers about ATTACK

This Site just grows slowly, but I am glad about getting along with HTML and FTP to work on Informations many People have seemingly waited for. In lots of Emails I get certain Questions show up frequently. First of all: no, I don't know anything about the $%- Sense of Life, but I will deal with the following Topics more detailed in Future:

- That somewhat raw Short-Biography in the 'Revitalized'-Album nerves because it shows up on nearly every Site related to ATTACK. Here the comprehensive History of the Band comes into Being: Biography.

- "What happened to Ricky?": Last Year he remastered older ATTACK-CDs, but at the Moment he has retired into Private Life and is hard to reach, even for Members of the Band. As soon as that will change there will be more News on this Site.

- "When and where does ATTACK play live?": Principally that lies with Ricky. At the Moment ATTACK is more a Project than a Band, but that might change again. If there will be any Gigs or a Tour planned, I will let you know here of course.

- "Is there any CD that contains additional Tracks?": Yes, some of the Japanese Releases contain more Tracks, I will document that on this Site soon. Maybe one Day there will be a CD collecting all of those additional Pieces.

- "Will there be a new ATTACK-Album?": A further CD is planned, but it's still written in the Stars.

- "Where are 'Mouse in a Maze', 'Beastkiller' and 'Deadlocked'?": You will find all Informations about that here: Products/ Discography.


- "Where to buy ATTACK-CDs?": 'Danger in the Air' is available at Parodise-Rec., the Rest was seemingly re-released in Italy on Vinyl, maybe on CD as well at www.undergroundsymphony.com, sadly the Owner of that Site didn't respond to my Inquiries until now, so I haven't got any further Informations about that, sorry!