Stoneway No. 3 - The ATTACK-Biography
Ricky Van Helden 1983 1The History of ATTACK starts in 1983 when Ricky Van Helden who worked as Drummer, Cello- or Flute-Player on different Productions decides to leave the Pop- and Progressive-Area of Music to make a new Start in the Metal-Sector. First influenced by Bands like Camel, Rush, Jethro Tull or Black Sabbath he changes to the Style of Iron Maiden, Dio or the later Ozzy Osborne. He also changes to Vocals and Bass Guitar to found a 3-Member Band in Hannover/ Germany with Guitar Player Peter Gastmann and Drummer Archie Köller, completed with a Sound Mixer named Friedl Hostermann. They all live together in a huge House called 'Stoneway No. 3', and soon there comes up the Idea to call this Band ATTACK. In End of 1983 Van Helden tries to enhance that Line-up. He talks the Keyboarder Thomas 'T.R.O.S.' St. Jones into leaving a manic Rehearsalroom-Band called V.I.P. 

Attack Aug 84  1In January 1984 T.R.O.S. produces the first Recordings for the Maxi 'Mouse in a Maze', but ATTACK splits up, just Van Helden, T.R.O.S. and Hostermann are left. Soon a new Drummer is found - and a new Guitar Player out of Auditions with a few Dozen ones: Andy Kammer. First Gigs are done in April, then ATTACK splits up again. Stoneway No. 3 gets vacated and becomes a Vine-Shop (well, what's the Difference?). Van Helden and T.R.O.S. take Guitar Player Helge Engelke (once also a Member of V.I.P.) to record a new Demo in May, again produced by T.R.O.S.

Attack Nov 84  1In July Kammer joins ATTACK again for the T.R.O.S.-Production of the first LP 'Danger in the Air', then the Band searches for additional Members to promote the LP at Live-Gigs in December/ January. They decide for Walter Müller on Rhythm Guitar (one more Member of V.I.P.), Alex Kollmeyer on Drums and again Hostermann as Sound Mixer. The first Promotion Gig takes Place at the famous Leine-Domicil in Hannover, then it goes on through lots of Villages.

...To be continued as soon as possible...