ATTACK - Deadlocked

Recorded in Fall of 1996 in Bünde/ Germany. Yes, these Recordings also really exist and they are played excellent, no Need to avoid the Mixdown, Ricky!:) These Recordings have gone through too many Hands and Ricky has gone through some bad Times. Wish you could hear it, there are many very fast Guitar-with-Violin-Passages and some of the fastest played Drums on I ever heard, that's TRUE Metal!


Ricky Van Helden - Lead- & Backing-Vocals, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Flute.
Thorsten Köhne - Lead- & Rhythm Guitar.
Peter Oko - Lead- & Rhythm Guitar.

T.R.O.S. - Keyboards.
Frank Ulrich - Drums.
Guests: Manni Neumann - Violin.
Eng.: Andreas Torkler, Ricky Van Helden, T.R.O.S.. Mix.: Ricky Van Helden & Friends. Produced by Ricky Van Helden 1996-?.