ATTACK - Revitalize  No.: Iceland Records EWM41512

Remakes, Remixes & new Songs recorded in 1993 at Iceland-Studio, BŁnde/ Germany. Time: 72:23.

CD: Attack - Revitalize

01. The Wish to die  (Van Helden)
02. Return of the Warrior  (Van Helden)
03. In the Gloom (Remix)  (Van Helden)
04. Eternal war (Remix)  (Van Helden)
05. The Fighter (Remix)  (Van Helden)
06. On the Run (Remix)  (Van Helden)
07. Wonderland (Remix)  (Van Helden)
08. Death Rider (Remix)  (Van Helden)
09. Heroes die young (new Version)  (Van Helden)
10. Dirty Mary (Remix)  (Van Helden)
11. Danger in the Air (new Version)  (Van Helden/ T.R.O.S.)
12. The Time before  (Van Helden)
Bonus Tracks:
13. Way out of Hell  (Van Helden)
14. Live or die (new Version)  (Van Helden)
15. Warriors in Pain (Remix)  (Van Helden/ T.R.O.S.)

New Recordings:

Ricky Van Helden - Lead- & Backing-Vocals, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Flute.
Gerd Sossnierz - Electric & Acoustic Lead- & Rhythm Guitar.
Matthias Hornschuh - Electric & Acoustic Lead- & Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Violin.
Zacki Tsoukas - Drums, Percussions.
Eng.: Udo Biesemeier, Andreas Torkler, Ralf Frauenrath.
Produced by Ricky Van Helden 1993.