ATTACK - Return of the Evil  No.: Iceland Rec. CD ATT 399174

Recorded in August 1985 at ProSound-Studio, Hannover/ Germany. Re-released in 1993. Time: 39:38.

CD: Attack - Return of the Evil

01. Warriors in Pain  (Van Helden/ T.R.O.S.)
02. No Mercy  (Van Helden/ T.R.O.S.)
03. Dirty Mary  (Van Helden)
04. Hateful and damned  (Van Helden)
05. Indian Lady  (Van Helden/ T.R.O.S.)
06. Mystery Night  (Van Helden)
07. The End  (Van Helden/ T.R.O.S.)
08. Missing you  (Van Helden)
09. Hard Times  (Van Helden/ T.R.O.S.)

Ricky Van Helden - Lead- & Backing-Vocals, Bass Guitar, Drums, Electric Guitar.
Jörg Franz - Lead- & Rhythm Guitar.
Andy Niewidok - Lead- & Rhythm Guitar.

Thomas Evermann - Drums.
Guests: Mick & Henny - Children's Choir.
Eng.: Volker Bublitz, Michael Vojinovic-Westerwinter.
Produced by Ricky Van Helden 1985.