ATTACK - Danger in the Air  No.: Parodise 1010010- 2

The first ATTACK-Album. Recorded in August 1984 at ProSound-Studio, Hannover/ Germany. Re-released in 2000 at Parodise-Rec. with 3 Bonus-Tracks. Time: 41:14.

CD: Attack - Danger in the Air

01. Danger in the Air  (Van Helden/ T.R.O.S.)
02. The Dragon from the Hill  (Van Helden/ T.R.O.S.)
03. Sunday Morning  (Van Helden/ T.R.O.S.)
04. Lonesome Rock'n'Roller  (Van Helden/ T.R.O.S.)
05. Stoneway No. 3  (Van Helden/ T.R.O.S.)
06. The Parade  (T.R.O.S./ Van Helden)
07. The Trees  (Van Helden/ T.R.O.S.)
08. When the Demon flies  (Van Helden/ T.R.O.S.)
09. Danger in the Air (later Version)  (Van Helden/ T.R.O.S.)
10. Sunday Morning (later Version)  (Van Helden/ T.R.O.S.)
11. Watchtower Visions  (T.R.O.S.)

Ricky Van Helden - Lead- & Backing-Vocals, Drums, Bass Guitar, Acoustic & Electric Guitar.
T.R.O.S. - Keyboards, Percussion.
Andy Kammer - Electric Lead- & Rhythm Guitar.
Guests: Helge Engelke - Electric Guitar; Manni Neuman - Violin; Matthias & Gerd.
Eng.: Volker Bublitz, Michael Vojinovic-Westerwinter. Mix: Michael Vojinovic-Westerwinter.
Produced by T.R.O.S. 1984 & 2000